Attachments On Poles and Equipment

multiple signs on poles

Only approved private attachments or painting are permitted on our poles and equipment.

An attachment or pole painting is considered approved if it has been assessed by Essential Energy and satisfies the requirements of CEOM7150.1 - Design And Construction Of Joint Use Attachments.

Applications to install signs, posters and banners on Essential Energy poles or equipment for promotional purposes will only be considered by Essential Energy if they are approved by the relevant authority.

Promotional content is limited to community activities such as festivals, charity events, and other non-commercial public notices.

Posting campaign signs on power poles and other electricity network structures is prohibited by law – a breach of both the Electricity Supply Act and the Graffiti Control Act.

In line with this, and, importantly, in the interests of safety for both members of the public and our employees, we do not permit posting of product advertising, commercial services or political promotion of any kind.

If you have seen signs that may be in breach of our guidelines you can report it by calling us on 132391 or via our online form.