Land Developments

Private poles on rural property

This page is to assist landowners who are planning to subdivide. It applies to all types of projects, from small two-lot subdivisions to large commercial and industrial developments.

When subdividing land, it is the developer’s responsibility to provide adequate electrical infrastructure to:

  • supply electricity to every lot
  • provide public lighting

This is generally a condition outlined within your development consent. It applies to all forms of subdivisions, including:

  • Residential, rural, or commercial subdivisions, including small two-lot subdivisions
  • Multi-tenancy developments, such as apartments or shopping complexes
  • Industrial precincts and commercial parks
  • Closed gate or private subdivisions
  • Village-type residential developments, such as retirement villages.

You will need to prove to Council that you meet this requirement with a Notice of Arrangement (NOA) issued by Essential Energy.

How to apply

The process for obtaining an NOA depends on if the local electricity grid needs augmentation before it can meet your needs.

Option Process
No network augmentation required

If electrical supply is readily available to each lot in your development, you can apply for an NOA Only.

See our NOA page for details on how to submit your NOA Only request.

If your application is successful, we will issue an NOA.

If your development does not meet NOA requirements, you will need to submit a Connection Application (see below).

Network augmentation required/unsure

If your development requires network augmentation, you must submit a "Subdivision Residential & Commercial" application via our Essential Connections Portal.

If you are unsure, still submit an application, so we can assess your development.

See our Getting Started page for instructions on completing a connection application.

Connection applications are very technical. We strongly recommend you engage an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) to help you. They can:

  • give advice on the most likely pathway prior to application
  • ensure technical information is accurate
  • submit the appropriate application on your behalf
  • help facilitate any required augmentation work.

Possible outcomes of a connection application

There are three possible outcomes of a connection application: