Regulatory Information

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Being a major energy provider, we are bound by several Government regulations.

Select from the following to find out more about our:

Corporate Policies

Contestable Work

Guidelines for anyone conducting work on our network.

Electricity network pricing and information

Electricity network pricing, contracts, and relevant documents for download.

Statement of Business Ethics

A Guide to Contractors, Consultants, Suppliers, Tenderers and Business Partners.

Statement of Corporate Intent

Year ending 30 June 2018.


Ring-fencing guideline - Compliance plan - July 2017
Waiver application - September 2017
Waiver application - July 2017
Information register
Office register
Staff register
Waiver register
Information sharing application form
Information sharing deed poll
Information sharing protocol

Carbon Tax Removal Substantiation Statement

Heritage Asset Management

Information about Essential Energy sites listed as heritage assets under the NSW Heritage Act.