Secure Web Forms - Questions and Answers

Essential Energy

Q. Once I submit my form, how long does it take to be for Essential Energy to receive it?
A. Submitted forms are received instantaneously.

Q. As an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) can I submit the Certificate of Compliance (CCEW) forms that the Electrical Contractor (EC) provides me?
A. No. The ASP is required to have a copy of the CCEW before energisation. However, it is the responsibility of the EC to submit the CCEW to Essential Energy. If the EC provides you with a copy of the CCEW form that was submitted via Secure Web Forms (SWF), instead of a copy from a CCEW book, you will know that Essential Energy have received it.

Q. Do I have to complete the CCEW and Notification of Service Work/ Request for Service Work (NOSW/ROSW) forms separately if both forms are for the same address?
A. No. You can submit the first form (either the CCEW or the NOSW/ROSW) and then ‘link’ the second form which will automatically enter the customer and address information on the second form so you do not have to type it again.

Q. Can I submit for forms from my iPhone?
A. Yes. You can access SWF from any internet enabled device.

Q. Is there an app for SWF?
A. No. At this stage we have not developed an app.

Q. If I do wiring work for another company, can I submit the CCEW under my login?
A. No. The CCEW must be entered with the company login that contains the license number for the company that is certifying the electrical work.

Q. When will the form be processed by Essential Energy?
A. Depending on the number of forms Essential Energy New Connections staff receives, there may be a delay of several days for your form to be processed.

Q. My customer has stated that their bill is late. Should they call Essential Energy to check that my NOSW has been received?
A. No. You can assure your customer that your form has been received as you can see it is your submitted forms in SWF. Ask the customer to contact their retailer (Essential Energy is a network, not a retailer) to discuss the reason for the delay.

Q. I am an ASP. Can I view my invoice for the NOSW inspection fee from Essential Energy via SWF?
A. No. Invoices are issued through a different system and do not currently attach to SWF.

Q. Can I delete a form once it is submitted?
A. No. If you realise that you have submitted a duplicate form or did not intend to submit a form then please send an email to and we will delete it for you after checking that it is a duplicate/or not required. This will also ensure you are not invoiced twice for the subsequent NOSW form.

Q. I have submitted forms to Essential Energy before. Do I need to register for SWF?
A. No. Your details will already be in our contractor management system however if you have not received your username please send an email to and we can either resend it to you or create it if it has not been generated.

Q. I have never submitted a form to Essential Energy before. How do I register to use SWF?
A. 1. If you are requesting authorisation to work on our network please complete CEOF6203 - Application for Authorisation
2. If you do not require authorisation to work on our network please send an email to including;
  • Full name
  • Business name
  • License number/s
  • Trading and/or Postal address
  • Contact phone/fax/mobile numbers
  • Email
Once your contractor record has been created we will send you the username by email.

Q. Can I search for a form in SWF?
A. Yes. You can go to Submitted Forms and search on a Customer name, Street name or Certificate number, Meter number.

Q. My company has both EC’s and ASP’s and I submit all their forms. Can I submit them under a single username?
A. No. You will need to use the company username to submit the CCEW /ROSW and then login as the ASP to submit the NOSW.

Q. What register numbers do I use on the NOSW when advising of a new meter?
A. General Use meters have registers 1, 2, 3
Solar Meters have additional registers
- Gross meter 70 ie 1,2,3, 70
- Nett meter 110 ie 1,2,3,110
Hot Water meters have register 90

When advising installed meters on a NOSW enter the meter number once, followed by multiple register numbers (separated by a comma) in the register column.

Alternatively, for solar meters enter the meter number on one line with registers 1, 2, 3 and select either Domestic or Commercial Tariff then enter the meter number again on the second line with register 70 or 110 and select the solar tariff.


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