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What forms can I submit via Secure Web Forms?

  • Request for Service Work (ROSW)
  • Requisition for Supply of Metering Equipment

Features of Secure Web Forms

  • Forms are submitted to Essential Energy instantaneously, therefore no more ‘lost’ forms.
  • Draft forms can be saved and printed so there is no need to manually fill in a form.
  • Essential Energy can electronically return forms to you if further information is required.
  • All forms are saved in a PDF format so you can download and save them for reference.
  • An electronic copy of the form can be sent to the ASP or the customer with their invoice.
  • Your contact information is stored and visible to you. SWF allows you to manage your information and update it as required.
  • You can search for a submitted form by Form number, Customer name, Customer Address or Meter number eliminating time consuming checking of paper records.
  • You can view all metering equipment currently issued to you and the date issued.

What do I need to start using Secure Web Forms?

To use Secure Web Forms you need a username and password which many of you will already have received by email, along with a User Guide. If you have yet to receive your login and are keen to start submitting your forms online then please contact us on and we will set up your account now.


If you are submitting a Request for Service Work then you agree to the following statement:
I consent to the Job Description, Locality, and Applicant Contact Details I’ve provided to be uploaded on to Essential Energy’s secure portal to be viewed by third parties who may contact me to provide a quote for the requested services.

Find out more

Please feel free to check our FAQs page, send an email to or call and ask for a member of the Connection Enquiries team on 13 23 91.