Keep safe around Christmas lights this season

20 December 2023

Turning off your Christmas tree lights overnight and avoiding piggyback plugs are just a couple of ways to stay electricity-safe during the festive holidays.

As we get closer to the big day, Essential Energy wants to provide customers with a few handy tips for power safety in the home.

“Christmas is a very busy time of year for everyone, and Essential Energy wants to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep our communities and our people safe,” Chief People Officer, Amalie Smith says. “We know most of you will already have your lights up, so it’s really thinking about when you are taking them down. With your outside lights, make sure you are clear of the service main where the electricity connects to your house and that you are packing them up as per the manufacturer’s instructions.”

Essential Energy encourages customers to have a safety switch within their meter box and to ensure that any electrical work that is needed around the home is undertaken by a licensed electrician.

“If you do feel a shock or tingle when touching a tap, showerhead or any appliance in your home, call Essential Energy straight away on 132080 and stay clear of those appliances until it is safe,” Amalie explains. “We do have crews on call over the Christmas period and it’s really important that you have qualified people come and help you.”

Experiencing a shock or tingle isn’t normal. It could mean there is an electrical wiring issue in or near your home that might lead to a more dangerous situation. Report the incident immediately to Essential Energy on 132080.

If a severe electrical shock has occurred, stay clear of the shock site. If the shock was from an appliance ensure the electricity has been switched off at the power point, otherwise stay clear of the area and call 000.

If a minor electrical shock has occurred, you should still seek medical attention. Complications can arise after it has happened, even several hours later, and we can never be sure of the impacts of the electric shock on an individual.

“The safety of our communities and our people is the number priority for Essential Energy, so please do not hesitate to contact us.”

For more information, visit the Essential Energy website – Christmas lights safety and Shocks and Tingles