Essential Energy features on Canadian podcast

23 November 2023

Essential Energy’s unique geography and remarkably diverse climate across its network footprint are just some of the topics covered on a CEO Viewpoints podcast streaming out of Calgary, Canada.

Chief Executive Officer, John Cleland also shares his thoughts on leading and accelerating one of the most innovative and progressive energy transition journeys taking place anywhere in the world.

“Essential Energy’s network geographically and climatically covers almost every conceivable situation, from alpine to desert, rainforest and everything in between,” John explains to National Utilities Leader for PwC Canada, James McLean.

“It presents a unique range of challenges from a management or an operational perspective and a unique set of opportunities, particularly in the context of the energy transition and the emergence of customer energy resources.”

The podcast series focuses on how organisations around the world strike a balance between today’s pressing issues during this period of heightened uncertainty while staying ahead of long-term challenges – something that the energy sector is very familiar with.

John spoke about need for innovative transformation through digitisation and the importance of understanding changing customer expectations.

“Customers are increasingly availing themselves of rooftop solar and battery storage is sort of an emerging trend across the Essential Energy network. Roughly just under 30 percent of our residential customers now have panels on their roofs,” John said.

Helping customers capture the excess solar power generated from their rooftops is a key focus for Essential Energy in supporting customers through the energy transition.

Visit CEO Viewpoints Season 2 to listen to the podcast.

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