HV Connections Documents

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These documents are intended to constitute an Information Pack for connection and are available for individual download as required. 

Document Title
CEOP8079 - Connection Process Guideline - Negotiated High Voltage Retail Customer Connections and Embedded Generators
HV Electricity Network Pricing and Information
CEOP8002.01 – Transmission and Sub-transmission Protection Guidelines
CEOP8002.02 - Distribution Protection Guidelines
CEOP8012 - Cogeneration Protection Guidelines
CERM1135 - HV Connections Technical Requirements Chapter 5A <5MW
CEOM7817 - Embedded Generator Major Network Connection Costing Guideline
CERM2456 - Earth System Design & Test Requirements
Easement Guidelines
National Electricity Rules
Service and Installation rules of NSW
Sample EG Connection Agreement - HV
Sample EG Connection Agreement - LV
CEOM7114.01 – HV Customer Overhead Connection Arrangement
CEOM7114.02 - HV Customer Underground Connection Arrangement
CEOP8032 – Transmission and Zone Substations: Design Guidelines
CEOP2047 - Authority for Placing Major Electrical/Plant Equipment into Service
ESS304 - Safe Work Training Flyer
Generic HV Design Requirements - HV Requirements
Essential Energy Review of Environmental Factors Guideline
CERM1127 - Telecommunication Guidelines for Major Connections
CEOM7621.01 – Technology Guideline
Sample Operating Protocol
Safe Work Practices (SWP) - UETTDRRF09 Apply Access Procedures to Work on or Near Electrical Network Infrastructure
AS/NZS 3000
AS 3007
AS/NZS 7000:2010 “Overhead line design – Detailed procedures ”Contestable Works”

Electricity Supply Act 1995
Avoided Transmission Use Of System (TUOS) Methodology