HV Connections Documents

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These documents are intended to constitute an Information Pack for connection and are available for individual download as required. 

Document Title
CEOP8079 - Connection Process: For Negotiated High Voltage Retail Customer Connections and Embedded Generators >30kW
Preliminary Connection Enquiry Form
Deemed Standard Connection Contract for Large Customers - High Voltage
Sample EG Connection Agreement - HV
Sample EG Connection Agreement - LV
Sample Protection Schematic for an Embedded Generator connected to Essential Energy's network
Sample Connection Investigation Services Agreement
Sample Land Access Investigation Agreement
Sample Operating Protocol
High Voltage Electricity Network Pricing and Information
Earth System Design and Test Requirements
CEOP4005 - Underground Cable Testing
CEOM7114.01 – HV Customer Overhead Connection Arrangement
CEOM7114.02 - HV Customer Underground Connection Arrangement
CEOM7114.03 - HV Customer General Connection Arrangement – non-dedicated feeder
CEOM7621.01 – Technology Guideline
CEOP8012 - Cogeneration Protection Guidelines
CEOP2238 – High Voltage: Customer Operational Training Requirements
CEOP8002 – High Voltage Protection Guidelines
CEOP8008 - Vegetation Management Plan
CEOP8008a - Essential Energy Vegetation Management Plan Purpose Statement
CEOP8019 – Capital Contributions
CEOP8032 – Transmission and Zone Substations: Design Guidelines
CEOP8046 – Easement Requirements
CEOP8082 - SCADA & DSA Philosophy
CEOP8084 – Design Guidelines for SCADA and Distribution System Automation
CEOF9097A - Terms of Easement OH
CEOF9097B - Terms of Easement UG
CEOF9097C - Terms of Easement multi purpose
CEOP2047 - Authority for Placing Major Electrical/Plant Equipment into Service
ESS304 - Safe Work Training Flyer
Generic HV Design Requirements - HV Requirements
Essential Energy Review of Environmental Factors Guideline
Testing and commissioning procedure subtransmission cable
Testing and commissioning procedure subtransmission overhead lines
AS/NZS 3000
AS 3007
AS/NZS 7000:2010 “Overhead line design – Detailed procedures ”Contestable Works”

Electricity Supply Act 1995
National Electricity Rules
Service and Installation Rules of NSW
Code of Practise of Contestable Works
National Metrology
NMI Allocation Procedure