Following the AEMC’s Replacement expenditure planning arrangements rule determination, replacement projects defined as committed project prior to January 30th 2018 are exempt from application of the RIT-D process.

The required conditions are as follows;

  • the proponent has obtained all required planning consents, construction approvals and licenses, including completion and acceptance of any necessary environmental impact statement
  • construction has either commenced or a commencement date has been set
  • the proponent has purchased/settled/acquired land (or commenced legal proceedings to acquire land) for the purposes of construction
  • contracts for supply and construction of the major components of the necessary plant and equipment have been finalised and executed, including any provisions for cancellation payments
  • the necessary financing arrangements, including any debt plans, have been finalised and contracts executed.

The following projects meet these criteria and are defined as committed projects;

Tumut zone substation

The 11 kV outdoor busbar equipment is at end of life, requiring frequent repair and customer outages. The 11 kV outdoor busbar is the primary issue at the zone substation, and the most cost effective solution is to install a new 11 kV switchboard. Since it is driven by asset condition there are no viable non network alternatives to this project. The project is estimated to cost 5.07 million.