Records Of Information Not Disclosed

Street with cars and streetlights

Sometimes there is an overriding public interest test against disclosing certain information.

Generally Essential Energy must not publish and must refuse request to disclose information in the following categories. Formal applications for ‘excluded information’ are invalid under the GIPA Act.

  • Information subject to an overriding secrecy law.
  • Cabinet information.
  • Executive Council information.
  • Information subject to the director or order of a court or other body with the power to receive evidence on oath, or to Parliamentary privilege.
  • Information subject to legal professional privilege.
  • ‘Excluded information’ (judicial and prosecutorial information, information about complaints handling and investigative functions, competitive and market sensitive information, information in relation to specific functions of the Public Trustee, and information about the ranking and assessment of students completing the HSC).
  • Documents affecting law enforcement and public safety.
  • Specific information relating to transport safety.
  • Specific information relation to adoption procedures and records.
  • Specific reports concerning the care and protection of children.Information contained in the Register of Interests kept in relation to the Ministerial Code of Conduct.
  • Specific information relating to Aboriginal and environmental heritage.

Essential Energy has not denied any formal applications.