Gold standard status for facilitating EV charging

16 November 2023

The Essential Energy Electric Vehicle (EV), Future Network and Data teams' drive to support customers has been recognised as the ‘gold standard’ in the Electric Vehicle Council's State of Electric Vehicles Report 2023 for making information easily accessible.

What started as a simple customer enquiry about having better visibility of the capacity for potential EV charging locations on the network, turned into the creation of a location map.

By tapping into existing data of Essential Energy’s low voltage network from various areas of the business, the teams were able to bring together a fit-for-purpose estimated capacity map customers can access.

The Estimated Network Capacity Map is a time-saver for charge point operators looking to roll out EV stations across regional, rural and remote parts of NSW and helps make the connections process a little bit easier.

The map is a network-specific capacity tool that is designed to assist in identifying the most suitable locations for EV charging on the network.

While it's just one step in the energy transition process, it's a huge leap forward when it comes to Essential Energy’s commitment to supporting and facilitating EV adoption across the footprint.

The map provides enough information for EV charge point operators to better plan multiple site applications that have a higher probability of success.

Customers can access the link to the map through the ‘Install an EV Charger’ page of the Essential Energy website.

Estimated Network Capacity Map