HV Connections and Large Embedded Generators

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Connection to the High Voltage electricity network is a different process to connecting to the Low Voltage electricity network. CEOP8079 Connection Process Guideline is designed to outline the process for any connection onto the High Voltage Essential Energy network, it further outlines the end to end process.

To make an enquiry for connection to the HV network for load or generators will be done via the electronic Preliminary Enquiry form. On submission of the form you will receive an acknowledgement that your enquiry has been received. If there is any follow up required you will be notified within 5 business days. If Essential Energy is unable to meet the timeframe of 15 business days to respond with a Preliminary Enquiry Response (PER) you will receive an extension request notifying you of the new timeframe for a PER to be issued.

During the Preliminary Enquiry, if your Connection Enquiry is a Chapter 5A you have the right to request a Preliminary Enquiry written response, if you don’t request this you will be directed to a Chapter 5A Information Package which is a generic response.

A Connection Applicant may request Essential Energy to provide a Detailed Response under clause 5.3A.8(c) of the Rules to its enquiry. A price guide for the cost associated are listed within CEOP8079 Connection Process Guideline Appendix: Pricing Guide

The Preliminary Enquiry key objective is to determine a single preferred connection option before advancing to a Detailed Connection Enquiry or Connection Investigation.

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Further information

Contact the Customer Connections Manager at networkconnections@essentialenergy.com.au, or call 132391 during normal business hours.

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