HV Connections and Large Embedded Generators

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Connecting to the High Voltage electricity network is a different process to connecting to the Low Voltage electricity network and requires additional preliminary information from both the Connection Applicant and Essential Energy's connection and network planning specialists. This process ensures that the Connection Applicant has an understanding of the connection process, timeframes and potential connection options. Refer to CEOP8079 Connection Process for more information.

Discussions between the Connection Applicant and Essential Energy prior to submitting a preliminary connection enquiry often cover in general terms:

  • National Electricity Rules (NER) connection process and timeframes;
  • TransGrid and Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) costs for processing a Connection Enquiry and application to connect;
  • Whether another Transmission Network Service Provider (TNSP) or Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) should be involved in the connection process;
  • Definition of the various connection services under the NER and potential negotiated, contestable or prescribed make-up; and the
  • Indicative delivery timeframes.

Following these discussions, a formal preliminary connection enquiry needs to be made by the Connection Applicant in accordance with the NER before making an application to connect.

This requirement also applies to an existing HV customers or existing embedded generators planning to modify an existing connection.

The preliminary connection enquiry form must include the following information:

  • Expected type of load/ generation;
  • Preliminary system planning data;
  • Required connection timeframes;
  • Reliability requirements (eg N, N-1);
  • Preferred connection location;
  • Alternative connection locations;
  • Proposed route of any easements and location of land on which the Electricity Works are to be constructed or installed;
  • Project status; and
  • Company information.

The key objective of this connection enquiry stage is to assist the Connection Applicant

  • to determine a single preferred connection option before advancing to a formal Connection Application; and
  • to clarify the information required to achieve an NER compliant Connection Application.

Further information

Contact the Customer Connections Manager at networkconnections@essentialenergy.com.au, or call 132391 during normal business hours.

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