Network Capacity

If you are a customer with a new connection, installing solar or changing electrical load, and want to understand our available network capacity, we can help you find the information you need.

Understanding Network Capacity

Essential Energy’s distribution network brings electricity to homes and businesses and allows households to export solar energy. The electricity demands on the network are constantly changing, and the network has been designed and built to operate safely within forecast capacity limits. There are numerous factors that contribute to network capacity, but the most common constraints are voltage and heat considerations.

Voltage reduces when electricity travels through the network from large powerlines to smaller ones that feed into homes and businesses. These voltage changes need to be within a safe range to keep appliances and devices working properly. If the voltage goes too high or too low, it can damage or break equipment, or increase energy consumption.

Powerlines, transformers, and other components of the network generate heat when they carry electricity. This heat can cause the components to degrade over time, and if the heat generated exceeds a certain threshold, it can cause damage or failure. All network assets are assessed to determine their thermal limits by looking at the material they are made of, manufacturer guidelines, and how they perform under different operating conditions.

When we assess new connections or customer’s changing electrical load, we use computer models, measurements, and historical data to determine network’s ability to host the new load or generation. How we assess connection enquiries, depends on the type of customer.

If you want to start a connection enquiry, please follow the process for your customer type:

Residential and business customers

Residential and small business customers should engage an electrical contractor or Accredited Service Provider (ASP) to add or change their connection. An electrical contractor or ASP will assess your requirements and make any recommendations as to the appropriate next steps. They will complete a connection enquiry or application on your behalf.

View a full list of providers at

Major and complex connection customers

There is a dedicated Connection Team for major and complex connection customers, such as High Voltage customers or Embedded Generators. Our Connection team assist applications to connect to our network and assess the network’s capacity to host that new load. For more information or to lodge a major or complex connection application, visit our Connections pages.

Electric vehicle infrastructure providers

Essential Energy is committed to facilitating the adoption of Electric Vehicles in NSW and has established a dedicated team to assist Charge Point Operators with new connections.
More information for Electric Vehicle owners, fleet managers and infrastructure installers.

Customers looking to electrify or improve their energy efficiency

We have information available to:

We also have teams dedicated to support customers on their electrification journey and tools to better understand network capacity in areas within our footprint.